Tybee Island's Orange Crush

Actually, once a year there is more than Abnormal Pink Sand in Tybee Island Georgia, the sands on **Tybee Beach** seem to turn a variety of colors. What I'm talking about is the event that occurs once a year identified as Orange Crush. It normally occurs each April when significant crowds swarm the quite small island of Tybee for a day long party event. The reason the sands turn all of the colors is due to the debris that’s left behind when the event ends.

The one day event termed "Orange Crush" began over a decade ago. It was started as an end of year get together for students of Savannah State, and the ones in attendance coated the island orange, a school color.

In the beginning it was a school sanctioned special event, but over the years has taken on a life of its own. The event is without regular planners or promoters but is always advertised by word of mouth. Participants pour in from miles around to cruise the strip and party on the beach.

Now, having a great time is not a problem, it is the aftermath that concerns residents. After the day long event the shorelines and streets are littered with rubbish. A simple walk along the beach will show coolers, chairs, blankets, bottles, containers and countless other items needing to be cleaned up. The expense for the cleanup is often thousands of dollars, and will take workers and citizen’s days to achieve.

Adding Exercise to Your Tybee Vacation Plans

Tybee is a wonderful beach community that welcomes travelers with the smell of salt air, the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful scenery and a laid back lifestyle. Many visitors come to the island to just relax and lay around by a pool or on the beach. However, if you enjoy a daily exercise routine don’t fret, there are plenty of activities that you can incorporated into your daily exercise routine while vacationing on Tybee Island. So, when you pack up your beach wear and suntan lotions, don’t forget to bring along your vitamins, protein shakes and any other workout supplements you need because you can easily add exercise to your Tybee Island vacation. Below are a few ideas to get your started off on the right foot.

Swimming is an excellent exercise and Tybee provides plenty of opportunity to accomplish this task. Since Tybee sits directly on the Atlantic Ocean there’s no shortage of water if you enjoy swimming. However, if it’s a little to cold for the ocean or if swimming in the ocean isn’t something you enjoy, many of the rental properties provide pools for their guests to use (some are even heated for the cooler days). Swimming will help keep your body fit and provides an excellent exercise routine by working practically every muscle in your body. Besides the exercise swimming provides it will also allow you to burn off some of those extra calories we seem to consume on vacation. If you’re not able to swim, then just some simple movements in the ocean or pool such as jumping around or walking in the pool will be beneficial.

This is another excellent exercise that you can take advantage of while visiting Tybee. Since Tybee is rather small you can easily walk to most places on the island. In addition, Tybee has walking paths set up for longer walks. Just a half hour walk each day can easily be incorporated into your vacation schedule. Take a stroll along the beach, a casual walk to the shops, pier or even lighthouse. Consider a relaxing stroll after dinner through some of the island nature trails. Your walk doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout, just take it slow and easy to get a little movement into your day while on vacation.

Water Skiing
If you are a water lover and enjoy water sports, then water skiing is a fantastic form of exercise. Take the opportunity to get out there in the ocean or on the river. Be adventurous and show off your talents and get in your workout at the same time.

Ride a Bike
Rent a bike and pedal your way around the island. This is an energetic option to keep you in shape while you enjoy your time on the island. You don’t need to bring your own bike; Tybee has two rental locations (one on the north end and one on the south) where you can rent bikes by the day or by the week. The island also has bike routes setup to help keep you safe as you enjoy your day.

Use the Local YMCA
If you need a little more strenuous activity and want to use some weights visit the local YMCA. This facility is located right on the main strip in the middle of the island and offers daily or weekly passes for Tybee visitors.

There are plenty of other activities you can enjoy to get your fill of exercise. Such as:
• Tennis
• Basketball
• Kayaking
• Paddle Boarding
• Kite Surfing
• And Surfing to name a few

Overall, I would say that swimming, biking and a good workout at the YMCA would be excellent forms of exercise for the majority of travelers to Tybee. However, with so many options to choose from on the island, you’ll have no problem incorporation daily exercise into your Tybee Island vacation plans.

Tybee Hotels vs Island Rental

Consider what it’s like going on vacation and staying in a confined hotel room with the kids jumping from bed to bed, versus a roomy island rental with individual bedrooms?

A hotel might be great if you’re traveling alone or with another person. However, how about the families that travels with children? Or groups of four or even more who prefer to vacation together? A rental property on Tybee may be the ideal solution.

• Enjoy More Sleeping Space
• Ideal for families
• You don't need to rent additional hotel rooms to accommodate friends and family!

The majority of rentals provide complete kitchens which allows you to cut costs, gain privacy and eat healthy! And enjoying some meals in your rental can make eating out more fun!

Invest in Your Future Vacations and Control Rising Inflation Costs
Studies suggested that this year’s forecasted hotel room rate will see a rise of nearly 6% which displays the on-going imbalance between the limited availability of hotel rooms and higher vacationer demand. Perhaps you should lock into your future family vacations at today’s prices?

Investing in Your Family
Consider buying a vacation home where you and your family will be able to vacation each year! Purchasing an island vacation property was always considered a luxury for the well to do, however, things have changed. Due to economic conditions over the last few years a vacation property is an option available to more people today. Great deals can often be found through short sales, county public tax deed auctions and real estate foreclosures. Tax deeds are an investing strategy that’s not well known, however, investors can often find fantastic deals at these tax sales.

Size Matters
The typical Tybee rental offers you about five times more room when compared to a hotel room! Consider that a typical hotel room offers around 220 sq ft as compared to a typical rental with around 1,100 sq ft.

Vacationing With Family
If you have ever packed your family into a hotel room, you know what it’s like. By the time you get the children to sleep, you can eliminate any nightlife or “grownup” time after hours. Separating into individual hotel rooms is expensive and worrisome, the children are on their own in the next room, and, you can’t easily watch them the entire time, and how will you keep them away from the expensive snacks in the mini-fridge?

Vacationing With Friends
If you enjoy vacationing with friends or family, you are able to all fit comfortably and still have your privacy in a roomy, furnished home. The standard island rental has at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, eating area and a complete kitchen. You can prepare and enjoy meals in your own place which can be a terrific way to socialize and cut costs.

Activities for Everyone
With regards to amenities, rentals triumph over hotels hands-down. Hotels usually have a swimming pool and possibly a game room; however, rentals provide you with a much larger selection of family and group activities to enjoy. Some of the island rentals provide their own private pool, tennis courts or fitness center. And you’ll find that you’re still just a short distance from the beach, ocean, shopping and restaurants.

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